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A Clash of Creeds

clash of creeds

Mark your calendar for the most unique fundraising banquet in the history of Iowans for Life! You know how most fundraising banquets usually play out. They focus on a nice meal and some nice speeches. Nothing wrong with that, by the way! Not this year. On October 24th at the Meadows Events & Conference Center,…

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One of the great moral issues in Iowa history

great moral issues

If you found a certain type of egg in your backyard and destroyed it, you would be in violation of federal law if the egg was that of a bald eagle. There are no legal consequences, though, for destroying a human fetus up to 20 weeks in the womb. This is one of the great…

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The ‘Back Alley Abortion’ straw man argument

back alley abortion myth

‘Anti abortion’ legislation will create a return to the era of back alley abortions. How many times have you heard this straw man argument? The back alley abortion myth is trotted out on a regular basis as pro-life legislation continues to relentlessly advance at the state level. Let’s debunk this straw man argument, just as…

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Iowa abortions contribute to the Iowa worker shortage

worker shortage

Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal ran with the headline: “Iowa’s Labor Plight: Too Many Jobs.” They ran with the wrong lede. The correct headline should have been: “Iowa’s Labor Plight: Worker Shortage.” The article points out that Iowa’s unemployment has dropped to an astounding 2.9%. Manufacturers in particular cannot find enough people to fill available jobs.…

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Human abortion increases the isolation rape victims feel

rape victims

A woman is raped. It’s horrible. It gets worse, she’s pregnant from her rapist. Here is the life-altering question for rape victims: to abort or not to abort? A website called Life Dynamics addresses the issue and reveals a viewpoint the mainstream media never covers: women who were raped, who gave birth, and were glad…

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Be prepared to annihilate an anti-Life straw man argument

anti-Life straw man argument

Did you hear Iowans for LIFE’s director, Maggie DeWitte, on Iowa Public Radio yesterday? She beautifully defended the case for Life, while knocking down one anti-Life straw man argument after the other presented by the human abortion apologists on the show. A ‘straw man’ is an: “intentionally misrepresented proposition that is set up because it…

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Maggie DeWitte’s speech at the public hearing for the Heartbeat Bill

an issue of civil and human rights

My name is Maggie DeWitte and I am the Executive Director for Iowans for LIFE and a founding member of the pro-life coalition. Thank-you for this opportunity to speak. I am here today to speak on behalf of those who cannot speak; to state what you all sitting here know to be true.  When there…

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Your support is needed immediately for a key piece of adult stem cell legislation

adult stem cell legislation

Iowans for Life supports the work being done by the John Paul II Medical Research Institute in Iowa City. Unlike other researchers, they use only adult stem cells, not those harvested from destroyed embryos. A bill pending before the Iowa House can greatly advance their efforts. Iowa House File 2228 creates an Iowa Regenerative Medicine…

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Be a hero

be a hero. Vote YES to the Heartbeat bill.

Calling men of faith We’re at a watershed moment in history. A single piece of legislation, the Heartbeat Bill, has an opportunity to be a game-changer in our fight to save the lives of the pre-born. Iowa has now moved into the spotlight with a proposed piece of legislation, affectionately called ‘The Heartbeat Bill,’ that…

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Freedom of thought hangs in the balance

freedom of thought

QUESTION:  What is the most important right in America? ANSWER:  Most would quickly point to the First Amendment. It specifies freedom of expression and religion as foundational freedoms. However, freedom of thought, or conscience, is the ultimate foundation upon which other freedoms rely, and it is under grave assault. The assault on this freedom comes…

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