Iowa's Pro-Life Warriors Since 1972

Iowa's Pro-Life Warriors Since 1972

Advocating for the Dignity of Human Life from Fertilization to Natural Death

Iowa's Pro-Life Warriors Since 1972

About Iowans for LIFE

Founded in 1972, Iowans for LIFE is the longest standing, non-profit pro-life organization in Iowa.  We are dedicated to protecting human life by informing, educating, and inspiring society to value the sanctity of all human life from fertilization to natural death.

ALL Iowans have a fundamental right to life, from the moment of fertilization.

We advocate at the state capital, in classrooms, and at events across Iowa on the following issues...

Abortion  •  Stem-Cell Research/Human Cloning •  Contraception/Natural Family Planning •  Physician-assisted Suicide •  Euthanasia

Our office is in Des Moines Iowa. We serve the state of Iowa and beyond.

Des Moines Pro-Life Organization

Iowans for LIFE is proud to be a founding member of the Coalition of Pro-Life Leaders in the state. Our Executive Director, Maggie DeWitte serves as the spokesperson for the coalition. LEARN MORE --->

Iowa Pro-Life Organization Since 1972Our Mandate...

Our mandate is to defend the right to life from fertilization until natural death.

The battle against the throw away culture of death is being won. Slowly but surely hearts and minds are changing, and as a result, the pro-life movement is growing.

We are so encouraged by the number of young people flocking to the movement, but there is a lot of work that still needs to be done to protect the sanctity of all human life.

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Is abortion a good solution in the case of rape? Get one answer.

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Blog Posts

crisis pregnancy centers

Crisis Pregnancy Centers give women hope

By iowansforlife | October 18, 2021

Crisis pregnancy centers are in the news. In Virginia, a pro-abortion candidate for House of Delegates blasted his pro-life opponent for volunteering at a crisis pregnancy center. Alex Askew put…

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Bob Vander Plaats

The abortion debate just got WAY more radical

By iowansforlife | September 29, 2021

by Bob Vander Plaats The abortion debate in America has changed. And it’s suddenly way more radical than you may realize. Last Friday, Nancy Pelosi and the U.S. House passed…

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Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta

A one minute interview with Mother Teresa

By iowansforlife | September 27, 2021

Here’s an imaginary interview with Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta using her actual words to answer the pro-life community’s questions about abortion:   *** What did Roe v Wade do…

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Life Chain

This is the year you need to stand tall at the Life Chain

By iowansforlife | September 17, 2021

Abortion zealots are loud and profane. You have an opportunity to diffuse their invective with quiet prayer at the Life Chain 2021. Mark these details in your calendar today: Details…

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a reflection on evil

A reflection on evil

By iowansforlife | September 11, 2021

By TOM QUINER, IFL Board President If God is real, if God is Love, how can He allow so many innocent people to be butchered as happened on 9/11, two…

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Supreme Court

Did the Supreme Court just overturn Roe v Wade?

By iowansforlife | September 2, 2021

The Supreme Court allowed a Texas law to stand that prohibits abortions after a heartbeat is detectable, approximately 6 weeks into a pregnancy. New York Representative, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, immediately Tweeted…

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Big Abortion Special Privilege

Why did the Supreme Court grant Big Abortion special privileges?

By iowansforlife | August 26, 2021

Have you ever noticed that Big Abortion has special legal privileges unavailable to legitimate healthcare providers? And they’ve been granted by the Supreme Court under the guise that women have…

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2021 Iowa State Fair

Pro-life clout at the 2021 Iowa State Fair

By iowansforlife | August 24, 2021

By Maggie DeWitte It’s a wrap on the 2021 Iowa State Fair.This year’s post-pandemic gathering was a kinder, gentler version of the one we experienced two years ago.No one spat…

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Is your boss threatening to fire you if you don’t get jabbed?

By iowansforlife | August 19, 2021

Many pro-lifers refuse to get the COVID ‘jab’ due to conscience-protection issues. The issue has reached a fever pitch as many employers in the medical field have issued an ultimatum…

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climate change

The anti-life politics of climate change

By iowansforlife | August 13, 2021

What do the politics of climate change have to do the pro-life movement? Despite being seemingly separate issues, they do intersect. Some scientists and most of the media blame mankind…

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Governor Reynolds protects the unborn

RELEASE: Governor Reynolds joins with colleagues on amicus brief defending states’ rights, the unborn

By iowansforlife | July 30, 2021

DES MOINES – Today, Governor Kim Reynolds joined with 11 additional governors to defend states’ authority to enact legislation that protects the unborn. “For years, democratically elected representatives in states…

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adoption is the answer to abortion

Abortion isn’t the answer for unwanted children, adoption is

By iowansforlife | July 27, 2021

Some people claim that it is unfair to bring a child into this world who would be unwanted, and that abortion is the answer. Why would someone think that violent…

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