Iowa's Original Pro-LIFE Organization

Iowa's Original Pro-LIFE Organization

Iowa's Original Pro-Life Organization

LIFE is for Everyone!

Advocating for the Dignity of Human Life from Conception to Natural Death

Iowa Pro-Life Organization

Iowans for LIFE is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting human life by informing, educating, and inspiring society to value the sanctity of all human life from its conception to natural death.

Iowans for LifeOur mandate is to defend the gift of life from conception until natural death.

The battle against the throw away culture of death is being won. Slowly but surely hearts and minds are changing, and as a result, the pro-life movement is growing.

We are so encouraged by the number of young people flocking to the movement, but there is a lot of work that still needs to be done to protect the sanctity of all human life.

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Say Life Iowa!

Right to Life. Life Iowa. Pro-Life Iowa. All Iowans Have a Right to Life

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March for Life

“It was an experience greater than myself and I love that this trip brought me closer to Christ, Thank you!”

“I want to become more involved with the pro-life movement.  IFL has shown me a glimpse of what that could look like.”

“The March was so powerful and inspiring.  I felt being part of something bigger than myself was the ultimate experience.  I enjoyed the whole trip immensely and wonderful meeting new people and watching all the young people so engaged!”

“This is the fundamental issue- if we get LIFE right, so many other things get right because of it.”

“Seemed like the group was engaged in the life prayers and it was very beautiful for all involved especially for students to rally around life and build a Christ centered community.”

“I am more Pro-life than I was before the trip.”


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Blog Posts

National Sanctity of Human Life Day

The Biden Administration’s 1st act: Nix the National Sanctity of Human Life Day

By iowansforlife | January 20, 2021

In his first hour as President of the United States, Joe Biden called for national unity. In his second hour, he eliminated the National Sanctity of Human Life Day from…

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loss of child through miscarriage

Mourning the loss of a child through miscarriage

By iowansforlife | January 19, 2021

By MB Beacom Today’s society seems full of dichotomy.  A world where up is down, and down is up, wrong is right, blue is red, private is public, sad is…

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Maggie DeWitte testifies at the State Capitol

Maggie DeWitte’s testimony in support of The Protect Life Amendment

By iowansforlife | January 19, 2021

My name is Maggie DeWitte and I am the Executive Director of Iowans for LIFE and the spokesman for the Coalition of Pro-Life Leaders.  I am speaking to you this…

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March for Life

The National March for Life in Washington DC goes virtual

By iowansforlife | January 15, 2021

We just received this notice from Jeanne Mancini, President of the March for Life: The protection of all of those who participate in the annual March, as well as the…

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Your voice is needed to protect life in Iowa!

ACTION ALERT: Your voice is needed to protect life in Iowa!

By iowansforlife | January 14, 2021

Dear Iowans for LIFE Supporter: You have an opportunity RIGHT NOW to help save mothers and babies from abortion extremism in Iowa! This coming week, the Iowa House of Representatives…

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mail order abortion pills

The Supreme Court rules against mail order abortion pills

By iowansforlife | January 13, 2021

Last year, Iowans for LIFE mailed President Trump a letter in conjunction with the Iowa Coalition of Pro-Life Leaders opposing mail order abortion pills (RU-486). Here was our letter: July…

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new Congress

How the new Congress threatens the pro-life movement

By iowansforlife | January 7, 2021

We live in volatile times. The new Congress splits down the middle with 50 Democrats and 50 Republicans. Since the Vice President breaks ties, the party of abortion has the…

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The Day of the Holy Innocents

The Day of the Holy Innocents

By iowansforlife | December 28, 2020

The man was a monster even Isis could appreciate, but for the fact that he was a Jew. King Herod the Great was the Roman client king of Judea at…

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vaccine skepticism

Vaccine skepticism

By iowansforlife | December 22, 2020

The COVID-19 vaccine has been politicized, praised, and pilloried by disparate groups from both sides of the political aisle. This dissonance has fostered vaccine skepticism in many pockets of the…

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Say Life Iowa!

Right to Life. Life Iowa. Pro-Life Iowa. Iowa Right to Life

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