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October 22, 2015 (LC) — On September 29, Inside the Vatican and Liberty Counsel both announced that Pope Francis met privately with Kim Davis on September 24. Since the announcement, there has been a wide variety of reporting ranging from some who deny any meeting occurred to others who admit a meeting occurred but that Kim Davis was merely one of many in a sea of faces. The fact is, Kim Davis was invited to a private meeting with the Pope and did meet privately with him on the afternoon of September 24, during which meeting Pope Francis said to Kim, “I want to thank you for your courage” and “Stay strong.” Below are the facts:

1. While Kim Davis was in jail on September 3, 2015, Inside the Vatican reported, “A Church source advises that Francis may soon decide to delegate a personal representative to visit Kim on his behalf.”

2. After spending six days in jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses, Kim Davis returned to work on September 14 and that evening received an invitation from the Vatican Embassy for a private meeting with Pope Francis on Thursday afternoon, September 24. Continue Reading.

Reprinted with permission from Liberty Counsel.



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