Advocating For The Dignity of Human Life From Fertilization To Natural Death

The Heartbeat Bill needs your help today

State Capitol Building, Iowa

You can help stop human abortion at the point when the baby in the womb has a heartbeat.

The Heartbeat Bill passed the Iowa Senate two weeks in a rare show of unanimity among Iowa Republicans in support of this pro life legislation.

Democrats, too, were united in their opposition to protecting the fetus at the first indication of a heartbeat.

The fate of the bill rests with House Republicans, who are caucasing right now. A similar bill passed in Arkansas was thrown out by the courts in 2013. That bill mandated an invasive ultrasound on a woman to determine if the baby had a heartbeat.

The Iowa bill doesn’t.

It simply requires a standard, non-invasive, ultrasound that an abortion clinic is going to perform anyway, a marked departure from the Arkansas bill.

Contact your Representative in the Iowa House now to indicate your support for the Heartbeat Bill:

And keep praying.


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