Join the Life Chain on October 7th

NAME of EVENT:  The Life Chain

DATE:  October 7th

TIME:  2 to 3:30PM

PLACE:  The corner of University Avenue and Merle Hay Road, right in front of St. Theresa Catholic Church

Life Chain

Join the Life Chain on October 7th

Will you make a simple, profound public declaration of your support for life? Join the Life Chain on October 7th.

Unlike the hysterical antics of the abortion mob, our gathering is peaceful and prayerful.  If you’ve never participated, it’s a wonderful experience.  You and fellow pro-lifers will meet in the parking lot of St. Theresa Catholic Church at University and Merle Hay Road.

You’ll enter the parking lot off of University, and the lot is on the west side of the church.

Be sure to pick up a sign

You’ll pick up a pro-life sign and take your place on the Life Chain on either Merle Hay or University, your choice.  Bring your kids.  Bring your friends.  And encourage your neighbors to come with you.

You can pray for the unborn, and we encourage you to spend some time in meaningful prayer.  The cars whizzing by notice, and let me tell you, the vast majority appreciate your public support of the unborn.

Even more, your presence will embolden them to be more demonstrative of their pro-life beliefs the next time they’re confronted in public by adversarial friends.

The power of prayer is real

Iowans for Life believes, make that KNOWS, the power of prayer.  We don’t always know how God in His wisdom responds, but respond He does.

The Life Chain is fun.  You’re surrounded by the best people in the world:  pro-lifers.  It’s hard not to make new friends when you meet someone who is publicly standing in the gap for the most vulnerable amongst us:  the unborn.

On occasion, you’ll see someone drive by with a single finger thrust out the window.  We assume they’re telling us that we’re number one!  Whatever their intentions, it is thrilling to hear horns honking in support from drivers with smiling faces who are giving us a thumb’s up.  There’s no mistaking their intentions!

In this election year, you matter.  Please prayerfully consider joining this year’s Life’s Chain.  Let’s send a signal that the Life issue matters, because no issue is bigger.

[Ticket sales for our October 24th fundraising banquet, “A Clash of Creeds,” are insane! We’re down to the last half-dozen tables before the fire marshals tell us to halt! Don’t wait. Order tickets online immediately. Thank-you!]

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