Abortion increases the risk of suicide

abortion increases the risk of suicideCalifornia is a mecca for Big Abortion. They have always ‘led’ other states in coming up with new ways to spread the advance of human abortion. They legalized human abortion six years before Roe v Wade.

California Right to Life recaps their legislative history as it relates to abortion:

  • Any pregnant female who cannot afford to pay for an abortion can request Medi-Cal services, thereby requiring taxpayers to subsidize her decision.
  • Public schools are allowed to arrange for an abortion and transport a minor to an off-campus site for the procedure without parental notification or permission.
  • Since the 20th week provision of the Therapeutic Abortion Act was invalidated by both Roe and Doe, a woman can get an abortion at any time during her pregnancy by invoking Roe and claiming a threat to her life or health.
  • There is no requirement to keep statistics on the numbers of abortions performed, the ethnicity of the women, the number of repeat clients, and most importantly, the number and types of complications.
  • There is no requirement to provide a female contemplating an abortion with medical and biological facts, with statistics regarding possible complications and health risks, or with alternatives such as adoption.
  • There is no mandated waiting period between requesting and receiving an abortion.
  • Two bills passed in 2013, include  AB 154 which allows non-physicians such as nurses, physicians assistants, and certified midwives to perform abortions, while  AB 980 de-regulated the abortion industry.
  • In June 2014, the Democrat-controlled California state legislature passed and Governor Brown signed the state budget, which increased abortion funding Medi-Cal reimbursement rates by 40%, while cutting other Medi-Cal services by 10%.

Now they want taxpayers to pay for “free” abortion pills for college coeds via the “College Student Right to Access Act.”

All of this is touted in the name of ‘healthcare.’ What dishonesty.

Human abortion is harmful to moms as well as the baby who is killed by abortion. As the meme above states:

“A study of California Medicaid patients found that the risks of suicide increase by 154% for women after they have an abortion.”

Abortion is poison for Californians, Iowans, and humanity.

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