An intense Iowa State Fair experience

2019 Iowa State FairIowans for LIFE’s experience at the 2019 Iowa State Fair was volatile compared to recent years.

We shared space in the Varied Industries with our allies from Iowa Right to Life. One night one of our signs was vandalized. That’s never happened before.

Although the overwhelming majority of people we encountered were typically decent Iowans, the anger level of Planned Parenthood supporters was certainly ratcheted up this year.

Abortion supporter spits on us

Most disturbingly, an outraged abortion supporter spit on a woman working in our booth.

It’s a sign of the times. Pro life states continue to put life-affirming regulations in place at the same time abortion-minded states eliminate all regulations to safeguard mothers and their babies.

The country is being torn apart by abortion.

We witnessed it first hand at the 2019 Iowa State Fair. Iowans for LIFE, as always, was on hand promoting a peaceful message of life. We connected with thousands of young and old Iowans with literature and conversation that upholds the dignity of the human person from fertilization to natural death.

Many who visited our booth were ambivalent on the abortion issue. We listened and armed them with factual information to help reset their thinking, which was so-often skewed by the steady stream of misinformation and disinformation fed them by Big Abortion.

The 2019 Iowa State Fair: intense, but productive.

[Our participation at the Iowa State Fair is a significant budget item for IFL. You can help us in this outreach by joining us at our 9th Annual Fundraising Banquet on October 3rd. Register today!]

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