Protect Life AmendmentGood morning, my name is Laura Limmex. I’m the Executive Director of Restored by Grace, an organization that comes along side women and families who are dealing with the loss of a child due to abortion.

This past August my husband and I volunteered 32 hours over 8 days in a Varied Industries Building booth at the Iowa State Fair.  We had discussions with hundreds of people at all ends of the spectrum on the issue of abortion.  What we found was that the overwhelming majority agreed that the opinion written by the Iowa Supreme Court in Planned Parenthood vs. Reynolds was unreasonable. They believe the people of Iowa – and not the unelected judges of the State Supreme Court – should decide how Iowa regulates abortion.

Furthermore, we also found the majority believe the Constitution of Iowa should only be modified by vote of the people of Iowa, and should protect women and children from late term abortion.

As a post-abortive woman, I now know, that little girl in my womb, she was a baby.  And both she and I deserve to be protected by Iowa Law.

Thank you, Senator Chapman for standing up for the rights of all Iowans.

[Laura Limmex is Executive Director of Restored by Grace Ministries, fellow members of the Iowa Coalition of Pro-Life Leaders. This is her testimony from earlier today at the state Capitol.]

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