Laura Limmex pro-life testimonyLaura Limmex is Executive Director of Restored by Grace Ministries. Here is her pro-life testimony from Tuesday night’s public hearing for the Protect Life Amendment:

Good evening. My name is Laura Limmex. I’m the Executive Director and Founder of Restored by Grace.  An organization formed to offer hope and healing to women, men and families struggling to navigate the murky waters of life following an abortion.

A hasty decision

When I was 16, I found myself pregnant. I made the hasty decision to have an abortion out of fear of anyone knowing. Upon arriving at the clinic, I was given no information about the surgical abortion procedure.

In a follow up appointment for the abortion they informed me they had not completely removed the baby and told me I would need to return for another procedure. Before the second procedure occurred, I passed the remains of my baby in a toilet.

We know within these clinics they have a place where they sort through the remains of the child to make sure all the pieces are there. On this day they sent away a 16-year-old girl with an incomplete abortion. And they knew her parents had no knowledge of the abortion appointment.


I was traumatized not only by the procedure, but by the sight of what was left of my child.

My story is one of many. It’s heartbreaking to sit with a woman who is carrying the pain of aborting the only child or children she will ever conceive as a result of the poor quality of care she received during and after her abortion.

It’s awful to hear young women share of the horrors of RU486, also referred to as web-cam abortions.

Men and women have spend years trying their hardest to forget their abortions ever happened. It is said that guilt is to the conscience what pain is to the body. I can tell you keeping the feelings of guilt along with the memories at bay is similar to trying to hold a beach ball under water. Emotionally exhausting.


Today I deeply regret my abortion and I’m not afraid to share the truth that abortion ends a life and leaves another deeply wounded. Not only did I lose my first child to abortion, but grandchildren as this child would be 35 years old today. My family tree is forever changed.

Women and especially their unborn children deserve better. All children deserve a right to life, and women deserve to know the facts about abortion, rather than the deceptive, pro-abortion rhetoric that treats killing an innocent human life as normal.

Give us our voice back

MY story is the reason Iowa NEEDS reasonable abortion restrictions. To protect women like me and the women I work with every day. We can’t allow 5 men in black robes to silence women like me and turn Iowa into a wild west of unrestricted abortion. We need the Protect Life Amendment to give us our voice back.

We ask that you take the appropriate action to ensure the women and children  of this great State of Iowa are protected from this judicial overreach and lousy healthcare provided by abortion clinics.

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