nonessential surgeriesGovernor Kim Reynold’s proclamation to suspend nonessential surgeries during the coronavirus health crisis was met with resistance by providers of human abortion.

The governor suspended non essential services, such as dental, eyecare, and abortions in an attempt to preserve precious medical supplies needed to fight the coronavirus in Iowa. The ACLU pushed back with a lawsuit on behalf of Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers.

A pro-abortion attorney general does the negotiating

Keep in mind that ACLU negotiated the suit with pro-choice Attorney General, Tom Miller, who represents the state of Iowa. Just two weeks ago, Miller, along with twenty other pro-abortion attorney generals, wrote to the Secretary of Health and Human Services calling for not a reduction, but an EXPANSION, of abortion services during the pandemic:

“We write to request that you increase access to reproductive healthcare, including safe and legal abortion, during this pandemic.”

It is clear Mr. Miller is unlikely to have the fire in his belly to take Big Abortion to the mat on this issue. So what was the upshot of the negotiations? Good question.

The governor’s office suggests nothing has changed:

“Gov. Reynolds is pleased that her proclamation remains in full effect and that surgical abortions will not be exempted from this suspension of nonessential and elective surgeries,” Reynolds’ spokesman, Pat Garrett, said in a statement.”

Planned Parenthood sings a different tune

Planned Parenthood and the ACLU sounded a different note, asserting they will resume seeing patients for “in-clinic procedures”:

“Today, the Court entered an order by agreement of the parties that allows physicians to treat abortion the same as other procedures and allows them to make a case-by-case determination for each patient. Therefore, Planned Parenthood will resume seeing patients for in-clinic procedures, in compliance with Gov. Kim Reynolds’ proclamation.”

In this time of crisis as Iowans make sacrifices to protect the public health, it is stunning that Big Abortion would put their financial interests ahead of the public good by hoarding protective equipment needed by healthcare workers.

So, are abortions taking place despite the governor’s proclamation or not?

Tune into Simon Conway’s show at 5PM. Governor Reynolds will be on his show (WHO-AM). Let’s hope she clarifies what exactly are non essential surgeries. Are abortions taking place or not? Is Planned Parenthood joining the rest of the state in making sacrifices? Or do they refuse to join the battle in saving lives from COVID-19?

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