Pro-Life Apologetics Tool Kit

This project was made possible by a grant from the Catholic Foundation of SW Iowa

What do you say when you hear someone say:

“I’m personally against abortion, but I can’t impose my religion on someone else.”

“Abortion is but one of many important issues. I refuse to be a single issue voter.”

“A man can’t tell a woman what to do with her own body.”

What’s the best way to respond?

Iowans for LIFE will tell you exactly how. We are at work developing a Pro-Life Apologetics Tool Kit.

Our new Pro-Life Apologetics Tool Kit will arm you … your kids … and your pro-life friends with smart, efficient responses to respectfully turn the conversation around.

In case you’re not familiar with the term ‘apologetics,’ it simply means reasoned arguments in justification of a particular cause or doctrine … in this case, pro-life issues.

Defeat ‘Mushy’ Thinking!

Lots of abortion advocates exhibit some amazingly mushy thinking on life issues. They’ll throw out a canned comment they’ve heard a million times, but have never really thought through.

IFL’s Pro-Life Apologetics Tool Kit provides you with the reasoned response for each argument in 100 concise words or less.

We’ve set them up as flash cards. One side features the argument, the other the succinct response. Use them to drill yourself and your kids or grandkids with smart responses to life and death issues.

IFL’s Pro-Life Apologetics Tool Kit will be an invaluable weapon for your family as they confront the army of death that so dominate our media, entertainment, and institutions of higher learning. This is the army that seduces our culture into believing human life is disposable.

There’s More!

As the guy in the late-night infomercials would say, “there’s more!”

Each IFL Pro-Life Apologetics Tool Kit will come with a blessed pro-life Rosary and Saint Medals. After all, we’re engaged in spiritual warfare. Prayers drive the pro-life movement.

Each kit will also have a copy of Pope Paul VI’s foundational pro-life encyclical, “Humanae Vitae.” 

It will also contain a copy of Catholic Answer’s “Abortion: 20 Answers” by Trent Horn for more comprehensive responses to the human-rights issue of our age: human abortion.

We’ll also include a DVD of our dynamic “Clash of Creeds” theatrical production that featured a conversation between Margaret Sanger, Ayn Rand, St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta and moderated by GK Chesterton.

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