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Pro life prayer of the day

“Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I love you very much. I beg you to spare the life of [baby’s name] the unborn baby that I have spiritually adopted who is in danger of abortion.” Bishop Sheen Pro life prayer  

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Hijack #SheDecides right now!


Join the pro life cyber warfare movement! Cyber warfare is being waged on Twitter today, Friday, March 1st. Iowans for Life needs you to do something about it right now. Abortion groups are flooding Twitter with the hashtag: #SheDecides. The campaign responds to President Trump’s executive order which reinstated the “Mexico City Policy.” The Mexico…

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The last temptation of a sinner

Heartbeat Prayer

Let’s face it, you’re a sinner.  All of us are. It’s easy for us to succumb to a terrible temptation, that the power of prayer is, well powerless. It’s easy to think God is busy; that we’re insignificant; or more likely that we’re unworthy of answered prayers. The saints can help. They’ve been in our…

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Black lives matter

Black lives matter

QUESTION: Why did so many prominent politicians flip flop on the abortion issue? ANSWER: Politics. Jesse Jackson is a civil rights activist who certainly believes that black lives matter. He spoke eloquently on behalf of the cause of life, as he did in this this piece in the Right to Life News: “The question of…

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Healthy options for women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy

unplanned pregnancy resources

You’re pregnant. It’s unexpected. And you’re not so sure you want this child. What do you do? Know this: you have healthy options, because there are a wealth of unplanned pregnancy resources at your disposal. Even more, know that you are not alone. You’ll see why in a minute. Yesterday’s blogpost exposed a tragic statistic…

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How abortion affects the rest of your life

post abortive trauma

The culture says abortion leaves your mind and body unaffected. Scientists disagree. Post abortive trauma is common. Are you experiencing an unplanned pregnancy? You need to know two critical pieces of information right now: You can get help. You’re not alone. You have healthy options beyond abortion. Abortion affects you forever. But even if you’d…

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Welcome to the STD epidemic

STD epidemic

Prince Ernest was hopelessly in love with the lovely widow, Harriet. Harriet felt the same and threw herself into the German prince’s bed for what she assumed would be an evening of passion. There was a problem: the prince had syphilis. To his credit, he was able to gather himself and deter the inflamed, young…

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The Iowa fetus is becoming an endangered species

Iowa fetus

The Iowa Fetus is becoming endangered. The replacement birthrate in the Hawkeye State has been below replacement level since 2009. The replacement birthrate in developed nations is 2.1 births per woman, but here in Iowa, the rate had dropped to 1.99 by 2016. Our population growth is stagnant. Small towns are drying up, and what…

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Abortion takes the life of a baby

abortion takes the life of a baby

Hi, I’m Laura Limmex.  I am the Executive Director of Restored by Grace and I’m a founding member of The Coalition. I too had an abortion at the age of 16, and for many years I denied the fact of what happened that day and the memories of what happened that day.  Today I work…

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The Heartbeat Bill will save 1515 Iowa lives per year thanks to the adoption option

adoption option

[Here is a transcript of Kim Laube’s testimony before the Iowa Senate’s subcommittee on the Heartbeat Bill, SSB 3143, on February 8th.] I am Kimberly Laube, Director of Life Ministries for Lutheran Family Service.  I direct the adoption agency and pregnancy counseling program that began in 1901 in Fort Dodge, Iowa. I would like to…

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