Advocating For The Dignity of Human Life From Fertilization To Natural Death

Help us amend the State Constitution

pro life amendment

By Maggie DeWitte We need you to help us amend Iowa’s Constitution with a pro life amendment. Iowans for LIFE is working with the Iowa Pro Life Coalition to prevent the Hawkeye state from being turned into a New York where human abortion is devoid of regulation. Five unelected Iowa Supreme Court justices have pretty…

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Presidential candidates reject Roe v Wade


Don’t let the headline above fool you. Just about every potential presidential nominee, save one, is aggressively pro abortion. But the markers are moving quicker than you can say infanticide. Where Roe V Wade limited human abortion to the first trimester, most potential 2020 presidential candidates say it didn’t go far enough. They oppose any…

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Fear and loathing at the March for Life

March for Life 2019

The March for Life 2019 was a shocking success. For over 30 years, Iowans for LIFE has been a presence at this iconic, cultural event. This year, we took four busloads of two-hundred students in all. The mainstream media has bent over backwards to NOT cover this event, despite the fact that hundreds of thousands…

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Planned Parenthood promotes abortion with new billboard campaign

pro life billboard campaign

By Maggie DeWitte Did you see the latest billboard: “I had my gall bladder removed, and I’m not apologizing for it.” Sorry, that’s not quite what Planned Parenthood’s new billboards say. Here is the actual wording: “I had an abortion, and I’m not apologizing.” Here is the distinction: no one would take out a billboard…

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Servants of mankind

Elite Daily blasts pro-lifers:   “But why don’t they give a single sh*t about that baby once it’s actually born?” Comedian Lizz Winstead joins the pro-abortion chorus: “Just think if all those people protesting outside of abortion clinics decided they cared about ACTUAL kids…” Actress Lena Dunham, who once lamented that she’s never had an…

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Iowans for LIFE responds to Rekha Basu

By Maggie DeWitte “The personhood claim is rhetorical, not factual. We can live by our own belief systems, within reason. We are not free to impose them on others.” REKHA BASU, Des Moines Register, December 11, 2018 Rekha Basu distilled the debate on the dignity of human life into a concise, well-written paragraph which I…

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Heartbeat Novena Day Eight Prayer

Heartbeat Novena day eight

The Iowa legislature passed one of the most pro-life bills in the country earlier this year: The Heartbeat Bill. Planned Parenthood and the ACLU immediately tried to block the bill through the courts, and a judge imposed an injunction on the law. Tomorrow, a judge will consider if the case merits a full trial to…

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Heartbeat Novena Day Seven Prayer

Heartbeat Novena day seven

The Heartbeat Bill goes to court on December 7th As a reminder, the Heartbeat Bill goes to court on December 7th as referenced in an earlier blogpost. We are praying a Novena for a successful outcome. Our Novena comes from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops who encourage us to invoke three powerful pro-life…

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Heartbeat Novena Day Six Prayer

DAY SIX PRAYER Saint John Neumann, as a loyal son, a faithful priest, and a tireless Bishop, you worked to support and defend life in all its wonder. Intercede for the Church you loved with all your heart that we may be faithful witnesses to the Gospel of Life. We ask this through Christ our…

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