Kaitlin 2

At sixteen, Caitlyn became pregnant. She was a junior in high school and was afraid of what the future held. Eventually, she found herself in an abortion clinic in Omaha. After seeing the pre-abortion ultrasound, she knew she what she was about to do was wrong. She left the clinic with her baby that day, and never looked back. A few weeks before her senior year was due to start, her son was born.

While juggling school, work, and caring for her little boy, she completed high school a semester early and started college the next fall. In 2018, she graduated a full year early from Central College with her BA in Sociology and Spanish.

Caitlyn took her experiences as a young mom, and now works as the executive director of Iowa Right to Life. She gets to spend every day helping girls like herself and protecting babies like her son. Now a happy, healthy four-year-old, Caitlyn’s son is the love of her life.

“Choosing life for my son wasn’t the end of mine, it was the beginning.”