Advocating For The Dignity of Human Life From Fertilization To Natural Death


An intense Iowa State Fair experience

Iowa State Fair

Iowans for LIFE’s experience at the 2019 Iowa State Fair was volatile compared to recent years. We shared space in the Varied Industries with our allies from Iowa Right to Life. One night one of our signs was vandalized. That’s never happened before. Although the overwhelming majority of people we encountered were typically decent Iowans,…

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One Child Nation

population control

Excessive mankind is a ‘weed’ that requires state-run population control. Draconian measures that trample on human dignity and decency in the name of this ‘greater good’ are not just welcome, they are mandated. This is the message of a new documentary, “One Child Nation.” The film is a must-see for Americans being seduced by politicians…

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“I have had sex, and honestly, Jesus still loves me”

stigma against chastity

Bachelor embraces chastity A young Christian man said he believes sexual intimacy should be saved for marriage. His televised remarks came on the ABC show, “The Bachelorette,” and it created an online furor, as an angry mob called him “evil,” “pathological,” “a psychopath,” and a “misogynist.” Whew! You can watch a recap of the story…

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A beautiful memorial

World Trade Center Memorial

On September 11th, 2001, 2,977 people died in a terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. On September 12th, 2011, a memorial commemorating the victims was opened to the public. Steve and Mary Stimmel, Iowans for LIFE supporters, were in New York recently and visited the memorial. Mary snapped the photo above of a bronze…

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The weights of vengeance and mercy

By Karen Zainal Vengeance dominates the tide of social media these days. Sometimes it comes in the form of mob justice descending upon the perpetrator of a crime inadequately punished, other times as smaller and subtler smears against those who have wronged us. But perhaps we could spend some time pondering on the perennial tug-of-war…

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The dehumanization of the fetus continues

dehumanization of the fetus

Just as slaves and Jews were dehumanized to justify stripping them of human rights, the dehumanization of the fetus continues from every conceivable corner of America. The latest dehumanizing effort comes from the medical community. A lecture in a University of California San Diego School of Medicine course, Evolution of Human Disease, characterized the human…

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The “Unplanned” movement spreads!

"Unplanned" movement

One-percent of Planned Parenthood employees want out of their jobs after viewing the new movie, “Unplanned.” According to Abby Johnson, the former Planned Parenthood director upon whom the movie is based, ninety-four Planned Parenthood workers reached out to her after seeing the movie for help in exiting the industry. The “Unplanned” movement is gaining traction!…

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A shockingly pro-life horror film

A Quiet Place

By Tom Quiner I just got around to viewing “A Quiet Place” which came out a year ago. There was a time when I loved horror films, that is, until they became dependent on gore as a substitute for suspense. A Quiet Place restores the genre to its proper place with a smart and surprisingly…

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A Clash of Creeds returns THIS Saturday!


Dear Iowans for LIFE Supporter: A CLASH OF CREEDS shocked attendees at our annual banquet in October. How could intelligent people from the 20th century embrace such discordant dogmas! A CLASH OF CREEDS features a provocative conversation between three of the 20th century’s most dynamic women: Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood; Ayn Rand, author…

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