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Democrats continue to block no-brainer pro-life bill

Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act

IFL is a non-partisan pro-life group. However, if you’re looking for a single reason to vote against Democratic candidates, it would be their intractable opposition to the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. Republicans crafted the legislation earlier this year. It is response to the admission by Virginia Governor, Ralph Northam, that babies that survive an…

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“So you kill them now or you kill them later”

Representative John Rogers

The Alabama House of Representatives just passed a bill that would make human abortion a Class A felony for doctors (but not the mother). Republicans overwhelming supported the bill. Most Democrats walked out in protest before the vote occurred. Democratic Representative John Rogers of Birmingham was not only vocal in his opposition to the bill,…

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Pro life legislative win!

unborn person

We have some good legislative news for you. Thanks to the leadership of Senator Jake Chapman, the wording of a pending piece of legislation was changed from “human pregnancy” to “unborn person.” Senate bill SF 523 makes the penalty for causing the “non consensual … death to an unborn person” the same as the penalty…

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Medicare for All mandates taxpayer funded abortion

Medicare for All

Iowans for LIFE doesn’t typically get involved with Medicare discussions. Now it’s necessary to comment in light of a growing swath of left-leaning politicians calling for Medicare for All. The proposed legislation is shocking. Mandated taxpayer funded abortions The language of the law, which is sponsored by Representative Pramila Jayapal (D., Wash.), states: “Individuals enrolled…

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The future of Roe v Wade

future of Roe v Wade

Sadly, the future of Roe v Wade doesn’t matter to Iowa considering the Iowa Supreme Court’s decision last year. The Iowa Court concocted a right to abortion out of thin air. Watch the brief video clip with Tom Chapman, Executive Director of the Iowa Catholic Conference with Iowans for LIFE board president, Tom Quiner. Chapman…

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Caitlyn Dixson testifies on behalf of SJR 9

Caitlyn Dixson testimony

SJR 9 Language Senate Joint Resolution 9 proposes a simple Amendment to the Iowa Constitution: “No right to abortion or required funding of abortion: The Constitution of the State of Iowa does not secure or protect a right to abortion or require the funding of abortion.” Here is Caitlyn Dixson’s testimony before a Senate subcommittee…

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How to resurrect the sanctity of life in Iowa

sanctity of life in Iowa

Governor Kim Reynolds will not appeal a recent court decision which shot down the Heartbeat Bill. The Governor made a tough call. The appeal process had almost no chance to succeed in light or the Iowa Supreme Court’s brazen support of abortion last year. And since Planned Parenthood’s lawsuit against the Heartbeat Bill asserted the…

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You are needed at the Iowa Rally for Life

Iowa Rally for Life

Here’s the reality: Big Abortion wants to turn Iowa into New York. The Iowa Supreme Court has us well on the way by overturning key pro life legislation passed in the last two years. The pro life community is fighting back with the annual Iowa Rally for Life. We really encourage you to attend next…

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