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Advocating For The Dignity of Human Life From Fertilization To Natural Death

Straw Man Arguments

The ‘Back Alley Abortion’ straw man argument

back alley abortion myth

‘Anti abortion’ legislation will create a return to the era of back alley abortions. How many times have you heard this straw man argument? The back alley abortion myth is trotted out on a regular basis as pro-life legislation continues to relentlessly advance at the state level. Let’s debunk this straw man argument, just as…

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Be prepared to annihilate an anti-Life straw man argument

anti-Life straw man argument

Did you hear Iowans for LIFE’s director, Maggie DeWitte, on Iowa Public Radio yesterday? She beautifully defended the case for Life, while knocking down one anti-Life straw man argument after the other presented by the human abortion apologists on the show. A ‘straw man’ is an: “intentionally misrepresented proposition that is set up because it…

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