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Experience the awe and majesty of creation in 270 seconds

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awe and majesty of creation

“God loves those who have abortions.” True or false?

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thank God for abortion

thank God for abortionThe cynicism of the abortion lobby knows no bounds.  The billboard above ran in Oklahoma City.  The smiling women convey a message that suggests God loves abortion. The message is part of a growing movement which presents abortion as a moral good, complete with theological underpinnings which shout out: ‘thank God for abortion!’

thank God for abortionThank God for abortion?

Over at, they present human abortion as a gift from God. Even more, they sell T-Shirts touting their misguided theology.

A few weeks ago, we wrote about the Texas billboard that proclaimed:

“Abortion is self-care.  Black women take care of their families by taking care of themselves.”

The old notion touted by former president, Bill Clinton, that abortion should be safe, legal, and rare has been replaced with the tragic ethos that abortion should be celebrated, that women should actually “thank God for abortion.”

Abortion violates the Fifth Commandment

Iowans for LIFE embraces all of the reproductive teachings of the Catholic Church. The Church opposes human abortion as a violation of the Fifth Commandment:  “you shall not kill.”

The Catechism of the Catholic Church explains what this means generally:

2258 “Human life is sacred because from its beginning it involves the creative action of God and it remains for ever in a special relationship with the Creator, who is its sole end. God alone is the Lord of life from its beginning until its end: no one can under any circumstance claim for himself the right directly to destroy an innocent human being.”

The Catechism then looks at abortion specifically:

2270 Human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception. From the first moment of his existence, a human being must be recognized as having the rights of a person – among which is the inviolable right of every innocent being to life.72

2271 Since the first century the Church has affirmed the moral evil of every procured abortion. This teaching has not changed and remains unchangeable. Direct abortion, that is to say, abortion willed either as an end or a means, is gravely contrary to the moral law.

2272 Formal cooperation in an abortion constitutes a grave offense.

How could it be otherwise?

Sacred scripture repeatedly tells us that God knew us before we were born, in the Book of Job (10:8-12); in the Book of Jeremiah (1:5); and in the Book of Psalms (22:10-11).

Scripture says that even more, we were made in God’s image (Genesis 1:27).

And Who is God?  Love. God IS love, according to 1 John 4:7-21.

We were made in the image of Love. 

The decision to abort the baby in the womb is certainly not an act of love, since it is killing the love deposited in the soul of the unborn person who was made in Her creator’s image.

So to the billboard above that says, “God loves those who have an abortion”:  of course he does, but he doesn’t love the sinful actions that separate us from Him.

God forgives a contrite heart.  What this awful billboard does is to suggest that abortion doesn’t require forgiveness, because there is nothing wrong with it.  That’s why post-abortive women suffer such acute pain.

They know.

All the bromides and dishonest billboards in the world can’t soothe the grave wound inflicted on moms and dads who choose abortion.

Post-abortive women CAN experience authentic healing

One of the most beautiful sacraments in the Catholic Church is the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  There, women and men wounded by abortion can begin the journey of healing.

Many require further counseling, such as the wonderful support offered by Restored by Grace Ministries. Executive Director, Laura Limmex, works with women wounded by human abortion and understands what is necessary for healing and restoration:

Laura Limmex

Laura Limmex

“I have worked with women who had no spiritual or religious beliefs at the time of their abortion. However, whether it was a few months later or years later, they came to deeply regret and struggle with the pain of the decision to have an abortion.

As women, we were created to nurture and protect our young. Abortion is contrary to that deeply embedded nurturing attribute.

One of the biggest pieces of healing and restoration happens when a woman who has had an abortion can fully repent of her sin and acknowledge her need for forgiveness from God. Receiving forgiveness enables a woman to also receive of the fullness of God’s love.”

Don’t wait:  Be restored

Don’t celebrate the sin of abortion. 

Turn your life around and be restored by God’s unimaginable willingness to forgive a contrite heart.

Remember, God IS Love. He can do anything with your life if you let Him.

thank God for abortion

[Iowans for LIFE agrees with the Church that abortion is the #1 social justice issue. Be sure to attend our October 24th symposium: “The Social Justice Creed.”]

The most beautiful woman in human history is still hated

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most beautiful woman in the world
most beautiful woman in the world

La Virgen en contemplación

No woman has been hated more than the most beautiful woman in the world.

Who is this woman of extraordinary beauty?

Her name is Mary, the Mother of Jesus, the Christ. Artists, like Carlo Maratti, have painted her more than any other woman in history. Isn’t his “La Virgen en contemplación” (above) lovely?

Modern man judges beauty by dress size and surgically altered appearance.

Catholic faithful embrace Marian art like this…

Christian faithful embrace Marian art like this…

God judges beauty by the soul. Mary had a soul more beautiful than any man or woman ever born, except for One, Her Son.

Preserved from original sin

According to Catholic dogma, Mary was preserved from original sin from the moment of her conception. How could the Son of God have been born to any other person?

She is not tainted by Original Sin like the rest of us.

“So Beautiful”

most beautiful woman in the worldWhen Iowans for LIFE posts a Mary and Jesus painting or icon on social media, we know we’re going to reach a lot of people and generate a lot of engagement.

Take the painting on the left. It generated comments like these:

“So beautiful.”

“One of my favorites.”


The most interesting comment, though, came from a supporter of human abortion whose comment was simply:  “whatever,” accompanied by a frowning face.

Whatever? In other words, he was saying “no big deal.”

And yet to Catholics, Mary is all about love and mercy. She is the most powerful intercessor of our prayers. To be clear, Catholics do not pray to Mary, we ask her to pray with us and for us, because she IS a big deal.

So how could such a beautiful soul be so hated?

Scripture gives us a clue in the Book of Genesis:

“I will establish a feud between thee and the woman, between thy offspring and hers; she is to crush thy head, while thou dost lie in wait at her heels” (Gen 3:15).

In other words, Satan had corrupted Eve; God made it clear that another woman, Mary, would one day come along and bring the One who would crush the head of the Serpent, the ultimate Hater.

Mary would become the new Eve. How Satan hates and fears this Blessed Mother of us all.

To this day, She is still hated by some.

Mary gets caught up in the culture wars

A recent dust up in the culture wars highlights the controversy over Mary. The National Museum of Women in the Arts launched an exhibition titled “Picturing Mary” a few years ago.

An art critic for the liberal Washington Post, Philip Kennicott, was livid. It seems that the art of the Blessed Mother on display was too flattering, too consistently beautiful for the taste of the effete. Mr. Kennicott was furious that the exhibit didn’t include “perhaps the most famous image of Mary painted in the last quarter century” (his words).

And what image might that be?

Chris Ofili's The Holy Virgin Mary

…while effete art critics prefer Marian depictions like this.

That would be Chris Ofili’s “The Holy Virgin Mary,” painted with elephant dung and female genitalia on display, as you can see at the right.

In other words, an image that the faithful would consider a desecration of our beautiful Blessed Mother, is revered by the snooty cultural elite of the left. Satan surely agrees with the Mr. Kennicotts of the world.

Ultimately, the most beautiful woman in the world is hated because she said YES to life, and the secular humanists, moral relativists, neo-pagans, and leftist politicians can never forgive her for such an offense.


Join the Life Chain on October 7th

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Life Chain

NAME of EVENT:  The Life Chain

DATE:  October 7th

TIME:  2 to 3:30PM

PLACE:  The corner of University Avenue and Merle Hay Road, right in front of St. Theresa Catholic Church

Life Chain

Join the Life Chain on October 7th

Will you make a simple, profound public declaration of your support for life? Join the Life Chain on October 7th.

Unlike the hysterical antics of the abortion mob, our gathering is peaceful and prayerful.  If you’ve never participated, it’s a wonderful experience.  You and fellow pro-lifers will meet in the parking lot of St. Theresa Catholic Church at University and Merle Hay Road.

You’ll enter the parking lot off of University, and the lot is on the west side of the church.

Be sure to pick up a sign

You’ll pick up a pro-life sign and take your place on the Life Chain on either Merle Hay or University, your choice.  Bring your kids.  Bring your friends.  And encourage your neighbors to come with you.

You can pray for the unborn, and we encourage you to spend some time in meaningful prayer.  The cars whizzing by notice, and let me tell you, the vast majority appreciate your public support of the unborn.

Even more, your presence will embolden them to be more demonstrative of their pro-life beliefs the next time they’re confronted in public by adversarial friends.

The power of prayer is real

Iowans for Life believes, make that KNOWS, the power of prayer.  We don’t always know how God in His wisdom responds, but respond He does.

The Life Chain is fun.  You’re surrounded by the best people in the world:  pro-lifers.  It’s hard not to make new friends when you meet someone who is publicly standing in the gap for the most vulnerable amongst us:  the unborn.

On occasion, you’ll see someone drive by with a single finger thrust out the window.  We assume they’re telling us that we’re number one!  Whatever their intentions, it is thrilling to hear horns honking in support from drivers with smiling faces who are giving us a thumb’s up.  There’s no mistaking their intentions!

In this election year, you matter.  Please prayerfully consider joining this year’s Life’s Chain.  Let’s send a signal that the Life issue matters, because no issue is bigger.

[Ticket sales for our October 24th fundraising banquet, “A Clash of Creeds,” are insane! We’re down to the last half-dozen tables before the fire marshals tell us to halt! Don’t wait. Order tickets online immediately. Thank-you!]

“Abortion is self-care.” No, it isn’t. Abortion is genocide.

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abortion is genocide

abortion is genocideA billboard in Texas proclaims: “Abortion is self-care. Black women take care of their families by taking care of themselves.” The billboard is run by a pro abortion group that believes human abortion is the key to “transforming the lives of black women and girls.” Abortion is genocide to African-Americans, but it certainly isn’t “self-care.”

Iowans for LIFE claims that abortion is self-destruction to the mother and destruction to the innocent, unique human being she carries in her womb.

Renown African-Americans abhor abortion

We’re not alone, as a chorus of renown Black Americans remind us that abortion isn’t about skin color, it’s about human dignity.

Jesse Jackson recognized that abortion is genocide (that is, until he ran for president and his party ‘encouraged’ him to sell out). Here’s what he said in 1973:

Jesse Jackson

“Abortion is genocide. Anything growing is living. If you got the thrill to set the baby in motion and you don’t have the will to protect it, you’re dishonest.”

As Dr. Ben Carson said,

Dr. Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson

“As a surgeon, I have operated on infants pre-birth. I can assure you they are very much alive.”

Star Parker

As political commentator Star Parker said,

“We’re going to look back as we did with slavery and say: How did we put up with this so long?”

Dr. Martin Luther King’s niece, Alveda King, views abortion through the prism of racism:

Dr. Alveda King

“Abortion and racism are both symptoms of a fundamental human error. The error is thinking that when someone stands in the way of our wants, we can justify getting that person out of our lives. Abortion and racism stem from the same poisonous root, selfishness.”

Dr. Clenard H. Childress claims the black community has been deceived by abortion:

“Abortion is the greatest deception that has plagued the black church since Lucifer himself.

Dr. Clenard H. Childress

Dr. Childress goes even farther in discussing abortion in terms of the African American community:

“The most dangerous place for an African-American is in the womb.”

Abortion disproportionately harms Black America

Each of these prominent African-Americans understands that although the Black community comprises but 13% of the U.S. population, they account for 35% of all abortions.

This billboard demands an honest assessment of its claims:

Q & A

Is abortion really self-care for the mother? No, not according to medical researchers from the historically black Howard University, as reported in the Journal of the National Medical Association. Their research determines a link between abortion and an incidence of breast cancer in black women over fifty years of age:

“This retrospective case-control study examines risk factors for breast cancer in African-American women, who recently have shown an increase in the incidence of this malignancy, especially in younger women … An increased odds ratio was found for induced abortions, which was significant in women diagnosed after 50 years of age.”

Is abortion really good for Black families? Not if you consider that at least half of black pregnancies end in abortion, according to the pro abortion Guttmacher Institute.

Is abortion good for Black babies? No, since at least half are violently killed in the womb by abortion.

Is Black abortion good for the Black race in the United States? We guess it depends on your perspective. The fertility rate for African-Americans has dropped below replacement levels. Blacks aren’t replacing themselves. More Black people are dying than being born, which supports Jesse Jackson’s claim that abortion is genocide.

Black birthrate plunged during the Obama presidency

Ironically, under the first African-American president, the Black birth rate in the U.S. declined by 9.6% of expected births, due to a large extent on high abortion rates within the Black community. In other words, from 2008 through 2016, 700,000 fewer Black babies were born. Now that may be good news to the Ku Klux Klan, but is that really good news for Black families?

The first Black women admitted to Harvard Medical School, Dr. Mildred Fay Jefferson, viewed the fight against abortion as not just the province of a few, but of us all, regardless of skin color:

Dr. Mildred Fay Jefferson

“The fight for the right to life is not the cause of a special few, but the cause of every man, woman and child who cares not only about his or her own family, but the whole family of man.”

So the claim that human abortion is ‘self-care’ for Black women is some kind of sick joke that will leave a trail of dead Black babies in its wake. If we’re really honest, we can see that abortion is genocide.

Get Ready for “A Clash of Creeds”

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annual fundraising banquet

By Maggie DeWitte

annual fundraising banquetIt’s time for the pro-life movement to think outside the box. That’s what Iowans for LIFE is doing at our October 24th annual fundraising banquet at Prairie Meadows.

Like most non-profits, IFL has followed a staid format in past annual fundraising banquets, characterized by a nice meal followed by speeches. Not this year.

Get ready for the most fun banquet yet!

Our event is called, A Clash of Creeds, a conversation with Margaret Sanger, Ayn Rand, and St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta, moderated by G.K. Chesterton.” The script was written by Tom Quiner.

Holy moly! A Clash of Creeds is anything but staid.

You will experience a conversation that will immerse you in profound ideas that inevitably lock horns on issues like sexuality, poverty, welfare, contraception, God, and abortion.

Each of our three “guests” are strong women in their own way, and Chesterton adds wit and piercing intellect to the conversation. Let me introduce you to each of these giants of the 20th century.

Introducing our “guests”

Margaret Sanger was a prominent eugenicist and proponent of birth control. She, of course, is the founder of Planned Parenthood, who relentlessly opposed the Catholic Church in the public square on women’s reproductive issues. Time Magazine named her one of the 20 most influential Americans of all-time.

Ayn Rand wrote an epic novel in 1957 called Atlas Shrugged which spelled out her libertarian creed called “Objectivism.” Although critics generally loathed the book, rank and file readers loved it, voting it their favorite novel of the 20th century. Her fans include the likes of Majority Leader Paul Ryan, Alan Greenspan, and Senator Rand Paul.

Both Ms. Sanger and Rand were atheists, a subject Chesterton explores with them in our “conversation.” Mother Teresa, of course, expresses a belief system in stark contrast to the former, grounded in the richness of her Catholic faith, and Chesterton brilliantly fleshes out each of their respective creeds with zeal in his own inimitable style.

How do you describe G.K. Chesterton?

G.K. Chesterton is a hard man to describe. Is he a poet? A novelist? A philosopher? A theologian? A biographer? An orator or a debater? After all, he is all of these and more. He famously debated the well-known attorney and atheist, Clarence Darrow. Rumor has it that he mopped the floor with his hapless adversary. Bishop Robert Barron loves the man, and describes him with relish:

annual fundraising banquet

Bishop Robert Barron

“Friends, G.K. Chesterton is one of the most sparkling and effervescent figures in the great Catholic tradition. This is, perhaps, most evident in his masterpiece of Christian apologetics, “Orthodoxy.” Every page of Chesterton is like drinking champagne. You’ve got to sip him … you can’t gulp him!”

Sanger. Rand. Mother Teresa. Chesterton. How would you like to get these four watershed figures from the 20th century together in one room to hear what they have to say to each other? That’s exactly what happens on October 24th at the Meadows Ballroom in Altoona, Iowa, 6PM to 9PM.

Don’t miss our annual fundraising banquet!

I promise, you have NEVER attended a pro-life fundraising banquet like this. Yes, for your modest admission fee, you’re going to enjoy a fabulous meal. But the real meal is a smorgasbord of provocative creeds presented theatrically in the words of four people who changed the world.

You can reserve a table of eight for $600 and sit with your friends. Or individual seats are $60 each. Seating is limited and ticket sales are off the charts for this year’s event. Please, don’t wait. Support the pro-life movement and order your tickets today at We love questions. Call me today with yours: 515-255-4113.

[Maggie DeWitte is Executive Director of Iowans for LIFE, a non-profit pro life organization that embraces all the teachings of the Catholic Church on reproductive issues. IFL is a member of the Natural Journey Alliance, their parent organization.]


Iowa corn poll reveals Iowans want Courts to get out of the business of legislating from the bench

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Iowa corn poll

Iowa corn pollYou’ve heard of straw polls, right? The Natural Journey Alliance (NJA) and Iowans for LIFE conducted an Iowa corn poll at our booth at the Iowa State Fair last week.

As people strolled by our booth, they were stopped in their tracks by our sign that asked,

“Do you believe the Iowa Supreme Court should have the ability to create Constitutional law? (or is that the job of the Iowa legislators and the people of Iowa?)”

We offered each adult of voting age a kernel of corn. Then they dropped it into one of three jars labeled “YES,” “NO,” or “I DON’T KNOW.”

The Iowa corn poll gives a glimpse of Iowa

This is far from a scientific survey. Still, it provides a pretty good glimpse into the way Iowans feel about how our state should be governed. Roughly 45% of the Iowa corn poll voters weren’t pro-life and 55% were. As you can see on the chart above, the vast majority want their elected officials crafting the laws that affect our day-to-day lives. In other words, they don’t want the courts usurping the checks and balances written into our Constitution by legislating from the bench.

7420 people voted in the Iowa corn poll at the Iowa State Fair

State Senator, Brad Zaun, stopped by our IA State Fair booth to say hi to Maggie DeWitte and vote in the Iowa corn poll

As background, NJA’s booth in the Varied Industries building at the Fair abutted that of the Meskwaki Casino. Meskwaki had some sort of give-a-way going which generated long lines of people … who then flowed right over to our booth when they finished up there.  In other words, we had big traffic voting in our poll, 7420 Iowans in all, who were there, not because they were pro-life, but because circumstances put our booth next to one people were flocking to win a big prize.

They represent a pretty good melting pot of a state that wants to provide a woman with a three day waiting period before proceeding with an irreversible abortion; and who want to ban abortions when the unborn person in the womb can feel the pain of the procedure.

They represent a good melting pot of Iowans who want an end to abortions at that point when a baby’s heartbeat is detectable in the womb. And they represent pro-life AND pro-choice Iowans.

These folks may not agree on individual pieces of legislation. But they cherish the democratic process. In other words, the Iowa corn poll tells the Iowa Supreme Court to back off and stop legislating from the bench.

Iowa’s Coalition of Pro-Life Leaders responds to today’s court proceedings

Aug 17, 2018 | Comments Off on Iowa’s Coalition of Pro-Life Leaders responds to today’s court proceedings
Iowa's Coalition of Pro-Life Leaders

Iowa's Coalition of Pro-Life LeadersIowa’s Coalition of Pro-Life Leaders sat in on critical court proceedings today regarding the Heartbeat Bill.

The Heartbeat Bill faces two legal issues. First, it is currently under a temporary injunction because of a lawsuit filed by Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. Today, Judge Michael Huppert heard arguments on a second issue as to whether another pro-life group, Save the One, will be allowed to intervene in the case. Save the One opposes the exceptions for rape, incest, and fetuses “incompatible with life, which are included in the Heartbeat Bill.

Here is a statement released by Iowa’s Coalition of Pro-Life Leaders:

“We appreciate the sentiments of the Save the One organization, and we too seek a day when all unborn children are protected, regardless of their health or how they are conceived.

“We believe the passage of the Heartbeat Law is elevating the public discussion to a place from which there is no going back, and hastens the day when all unborn children are protected. For we know the child in her mother’s womb, regardless of physical disability or how she was conceived – she’s a baby.

“So we will support the efforts of the Thomas More Society to defend the Heartbeat Law, and we will continue to work until all life in the womb is treasured and protected.”

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The Heartbeat Bill goes to court tomorrow

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Heartbeat Bill goes to court

Heartbeat Bill goes to courtThe Heartbeat Bill goes to court tomorrow. As you recall, Governor Kim Reynolds signed the most pro-life bill in the US into law on May 4th.

Governor Reynold’s Statement

Governor explained her support for this groundbreaking legislation in this statement:

“I believe that all innocent life is precious and sacred, and as governor, I pledged to do everything in my power to protect it. That is what I am doing today. I understand that not everyone will agree with this decision. But if death is determined when a heart stops beating, then doesn’t a beating heart indicate life? For me, it is immoral to stop an innocent beating heart. For me, it is sickening to sell fetal body parts. For me, my faith leads me to protect every Iowan, no matter how small.

I understand and anticipate that this will likely be challenged in court, and that courts may even put a hold on the law until it reaches the Supreme Court. However, this is bigger than just a law. This is about life. I am not going to back down from who I am or what I believe in.”

Challenged in court

As the Governor expected, the Heartbeat Bill, which outlaws human abortion at the point at which a heartbeat is detected, was immediately challenged in court by Planned Parenthood and the ACLU.

The bill has its day in court tomorrow at 10AM in the Polk County Courthouse, Room 308. The Courthouse is located at 500 Mulberry Street in downtown Des Moines.

Although there is no planned rally, you are invited and encouraged to attend if you’re able. And if you’re not, join us in prayer in support of the attorneys with the Thomas More Society defending the bill. Pray for Judge Michael Huppert who is hearing the case. And pray on behalf of the unborn children and their mothers who are put at grave risk if this bill is struck down.

Analysts estimate that the Heartbeat Bill will save the lives of 30,000 to 40,000 human persons over the course of the next decade.

Thank-you for your past support. The fight is far from over. Continue praying when the Heartbeat Bill goes to court, and if you’re able, join us in the Courthouse tomorrow at 10AM.

[Keep up with pro-life issues and news. Be sure to subscribe to the Iowans for LIFE blog.]


Abortion ethics 101

Aug 9, 2018 | Comments Off on Abortion ethics 101
abortion ethics


Should abortion be legal or illegal? Iowans for LIFE works hard to support pro-life legislation that reduces the incidence of human abortion. For today, though, let’s set aside the question. Instead, let’s take the emotion out of the subject and consider THE foundational abortion ethics question: Is ending the life of a human fetus moral?

Dennis Prager discusses the question dispassionately in the Prager University video above. To answer it, one must answer additional questions, such as:

• Does a human fetus have any values and any rights?

• Is it moral for a woman to end the life of a fetus in her womb?

• On what moral grounds does the mother alone decide a fetus’s worth?

• Society protects a person after they are born; why should that be different BEFORE the human being is born?

• Why should one person, the mother, determine if another person, a fetus, has the right to live?

• Can a good society survive if it calls immoral things ‘moral’?

Prager unpacks abortion ethics in five compact minutes. This is worth viewing, especially if you consider yourself more of a ‘pro-choice’ person instead of a ‘pro-life’ person.

Abortion laws become less relevant when abortion ethics are clarified and people stop aborting. Is ending the life of a human fetus moral? Please … watch the video.

[Abortion ethics are discussed in dramatic fashion at our upcoming October 24th fundraising banquet: “A Clash of Creeds.” Get your tickets today.]