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Pro life prayer of the day by Dowling student, Elizabeth

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pro life prayer of the day

STDs target teen age girls

Mar 7, 2018 | Comments Off on STDs target teen age girls
STDs target teen age girls

STDs target teen age girlsTeen age girls are four times as likely to be infected with a sexually transmitted disease (STD) than to get pregnant.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) offer sobering statistics that reveal STDs target teenage girls:

There are about 20 million new cases of STDs each year in the United States. About half of these infections are in people between the ages of 15 and 24. Young people are at greater risk of getting an STD for several reasons:

• Young women’s bodies are biologically more prone to STDs.

• Some young people do not get the recommended STD tests.

• Many young people are hesitant to talk openly and honestly with a doctor or nurse about their sex lives.

• Not having insurance or transportation can make it more difficult for young people to access STD testing.

• Some young people have more than one sex partner.

What to do?

Abstinence is the best way to avoid contracting an STD, many of which are incurable. Some can even cause infertility.

However, abstinence alone may not be enough to protect against STDs. You can still be infected with an STD through skin-to-skin contact with an infected area or sore, even if you don’t have sexual intercourse.

Some teenage girls have the mistaken notion that they cannot contract an STD via oral or anal sex. Not true. STDs can enter your body through tiny cuts or tears in your mouth or anus … as well as genitals.

Even more disconcerting: your partner may not even know he is carrying an STD.

Get tested

STDs pose long-lasting risks to your wellbeing, so the best protection to your health is to preserve intimacy for marriage.

If you are sexually active, get tested immediately for your sake and the sake of your partner. Where? Innervisions Healthcare offers free testing and confidential consultation. As we pointed out in a previous blogpost, “Welcome to the STD epidemic,” some STDs are curable; others aren’t.

Don’t wait. Take care of yourself. Get tested.

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Pro life prayer of the day

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“Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I love you very much. I beg you to spare the life of [baby’s name] the unborn baby that I have spiritually adopted who is in danger of abortion.” Bishop Sheen Pro life prayer


Hijack #SheDecides right now!

Mar 2, 2018 | Comments Off on Hijack #SheDecides right now!


Join the pro life cyber warfare movement!

Cyber warfare is being waged on Twitter today, Friday, March 1st.

Iowans for Life needs you to do something about it right now.

Abortion groups are flooding Twitter with the hashtag: #SheDecides. The campaign responds to President Trump’s executive order which reinstated the “Mexico City Policy.”

The Mexico City Policy prevents US tax dollars from going to international groups that perform human abortion. Pro abortionists characterize this pro life policy as the ‘global gag rule.’

The Mexico City Policy prevents the US from exporting human abortion

It’s not. It is a sane, moral, and totally just policy that saves human life. Big Abortion wants to use your tax dollars to pay for abortions in third world countries.

To counter Big Abortion’s cyber warfare, pro life cyber tactician, Bryan Kemper of Priests for Life, has engaged pro life groups throughout the country to hijack the hashtag with messages like these:

#SheDecides to choose life for her unborn child.

When #SheDecides on #abortion a mom puts her own life at risk as well.

#SheDecides to honor her child by choosing adoption.

When #SheDecides to choose life, anything is possible. #abortion is a dead end.

#SheDecides to speak out about the pain caused by her abortion.

When #SheDecidees to get an #abortion, she takes away the decision of another human person. One person’s decision should never result in the death of another person. #prolife #prolifegeneration

Go to Twitter right now

Post your own #SheDecides hashtags or use one of the examples above. Or repost our graphic that introduces this blogpost. Does this tactic really work? YES! Writing on a website called Dame, here is what a devoted pro abortion writer, Robin Marty, had to say about Bryan Kemper’s cyber tactics:

“Abortion opponents use the social media platform like a weapon, and with absolute precision—and they’re winning as a result. What are pro-choicers doing wrong?”

The headline of the article laments:

“The anti-abortion movement is killing it on Twitter.”

You can help. Join the pro life bandwagon. Hijack the #SheDecides hashtag today.


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The last temptation of a sinner

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Heartbeat Prayer


Let’s face it, you’re a sinner.  All of us are. It’s easy for us to succumb to a terrible temptation, that the power of prayer is, well powerless.

It’s easy to think God is busy; that we’re insignificant; or more likely that we’re unworthy of answered prayers. The saints can help. They’ve been in our shoes.

Saint Padre Pio encourages you to pray:

“Prayer is the BEST weapon we possess. It is the key that OPENS the heart of God.”

St. Teresa of Avila encourages you to pray:

“Prayer is terms of friendship with God, frequently conversing in secret with Him who, we know, loves us.”

St. Mother Teresa encourages you to pray:

“Love to pray. Prayer enlarges the heart until is capable of containing God’s gift of Himself.”

Pray the First Heartbeat Prayer

What should you pray? Today, could you pray for someone you don’t know? A preborn baby whose life is on the line as I type. Her life is being debated in the Iowa Senate right now.

Legislators will determine if the law shall protect her life once a heartbeat is detectable, at around the 5th week.

We’ve posted the prayer above. Please, take a minute to pray it. You’ll change the world.


Black lives matter

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Black lives matter

Black lives matterQUESTION: Why did so many prominent politicians flip flop on the abortion issue?

ANSWER: Politics.

Jesse Jackson is a civil rights activist who certainly believes that black lives matter. He spoke eloquently on behalf of the cause of life, as he did in this this piece in the Right to Life News:

“The question of life is The Question of the 20th century.

Race and poverty are dimensions of the life question, but discussions about abortion have brought the issue into focus in a much sharper way. How we will respect and understand the nature of life itself is the over-riding moral issue, not of the Black race, but of the human race.

The question of abortion confronts me in several different ways. First, although I do not profess to be a biologist, I have studied biology and know something about life from the point of view of the natural sciences.

Second, I am a minister of the Gospel and therefore, feel that abortion has a religious and moral dimension that I must consider.

Third, I was born out of wedlock (and against the advice that my mother received from her doctor) and therefore abortion is a personal issue for me.

From my perspective, human life is the highest good, the summum bonum. Human life itself is the highest human good and God is the supreme good because He is the giver of life. That is my philosophy. 

Everything I do proceeds from that religious and philosophical premise.”

“How we respect life is the over-riding moral issue,” By JESSE JACKSON; Right to Life News, January 1977

The tragic negation of his philosophy

In a few short years, Mr. Jackson flip-flopped. Why? He ran for president.

Like Ted Kennedy who also flip flopped when he ran for president in 1980, Jackson reversed his philosophy on what is the “highest good” with this dismissive explanation that ‘it would not be proper for him as president to impose his religious views on the country.’ And yet he called for Medicaid-funded abortions, which imposed a grave evil on people of faith who would be asked to pick up the tab in violation of THEIR religious beliefs.

Bitter fruit

Mr. Jackson’s flip flop has sown bitter fruit within the Black community. As data from the Alan Guttmaucher Institute reveals:

‘For every two African American women that get pregnant, one will choose to abort. A Black baby is 5 times more likely to be killed in the womb than a White Baby.’

The Reverend Clenard H. Childress Jr. goes so far as to claim that…

“the most dangerous place for an African American to be is in the womb of their African American mother.”

The replacement birthrate has dropped below replacement level in the African American community. Some in the Black community characterize this development as nothing less than a Black Genocide.

Planned Parenthood’s role

Planned Parenthood’s role in this holocaust has been profound. They have located 78% of their clinics in predominantly Black neighborhoods. And although Blacks only comprise 12% of the population, they account for 35% of the abortions in the U.S.

What is so disturbing about these numbers is the philosophical premise of Planned Parenthood’s founder, Margaret Sanger, which animates the organization in spirit even today. Said Ms. Sanger:

“We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population…”

“… these two words [birth control] sum up our whole philosophy… It means the release and cultivation of the better elements in our society, and the gradual suppression, elimination and eventual extinction, of defective stocks — those human weeds which threaten the blooming of the finest flowers of American civilization.”

To clarify: at one point, Margaret Sanger and Jesse Jackson held adversarial philosophical premises:

SANGER’S PHILOSOPHY: “Suppress human weeds.”

JACKSON’S PHILOSOPHY: “Human life is the highest good.”

Jackson sold out to the human abortion crowd. He could have made a difference had he honored the religious convictions he was so willing to share with anyone and everyone, that is, until the day he ran for president.

Black lives matter, even if Planned Parenthood doesn’t think so.


Healthy options for women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy

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unplanned pregnancy resources

You’re pregnant. It’s unexpected. And you’re not so sure you want this child. What do you do? Know this: you have healthy options, because there are a wealth of unplanned pregnancy resources at your disposal.

Even more, know that you are not alone. You’ll see why in a minute.

Yesterday’s blogpost exposed a tragic statistic most at-risk women don’t know.

post abortive trauma

Even more, abortion leaves lifelong scars, both emotional and physical.

Iowans for Life has compiled a broad list of unplanned pregnancy resources. If you or someone you know is in crisis because of an unplanned pregnancy, these free resources can help you immediately, as well as after the birth of your child.

Free unplanned pregnancy resources

InnerVisions HealthCare:

1355 50th Street, Suite 400, W. Des Moines, IA 50266.

InnerVisions is a great resource, with services like these:

•Early Detection Pregnancy Test (medical verification needed prior to abortion)


•Confidential Counseling

•Post Abortion Support

•Adoption Info

•Comprehensive Referrals

•STD Testing (medically recommended before an abortion)

•PAP Testing

•Sexual Health Education & Information

Everything is confidential and free.

Birthright International:

5806 Hickman Road, Des Moines, IA 50266.

They offer:

•Love, hope, and encouragement

•Friendship and emotional support

•Non-judgmental, confidential help

•Pregnancy tests

•Maternity and baby clothes

•Referrals to: Medical supports, Financial and/or employment resources, Housing, Legal referrals, Education assistance, Social assistance, Professional counseling.

•Information on: Pregnancy and childbirth; Prenatal development and care; Parenting skills; child care and child safety; Career development and/or continuing education; Community programs and/or social assistance; Adoption.

Agape Pregnancy Center:

2550 Martin Luther King Parkway, Des Moines, IA 50310.

Free services:

• Pregnancy Testing

• STD Testing

• Ultrasounds

• Consultations

Alpha Women’s Center:

3605 Southeast 14th Street, Des Moines, IA 50320.


  • Pregnancy tests

  • Maternity clothing

  • Baby closet

  • Classes, videos, and DVDs

  • Bible Studies

  • Friendship and Support

Ruth Harbor House:

534-42nd Street, Des Moines, IA  50312.

Ruth Harbor provides a Christ-centered home, programs, and comprehensive services resulting in positive life change for young women who have experienced unplanned pregnancies, and their babies.

House of Mercy:

[The address is kept confidential.]

House of Mercy offers vital housing, human service, substance-related/addictive disorders treatment, and mental health programs to individuals and families that have experienced difficulty in accessing these critical services and supports. Specific services provided by the House of Mercy include:

  • permanent housing;
  • transportation;
  • childcare;
  • Behavioral Health Intervention Services (BHIS);
  • outpatient mental health counseling (e.g., individual, group, relationship, trauma, and family therapy);
  • addiction counseling services (e.g., substance abuse assessments, primary treatment,
  • relapse prevention education, individual/group counseling, aftercare support, twelve-step meetings, etc.);
  • homeless outreach addiction assessment, education, treatment, and case management services;
  • student assistance assessment and treatment programming;
  • education and employment assistance;
  • and skill development training in such areas as communication, parenting, anger management, and nutrition.

Restored by Grace Ministries:

130 East 3rd Street, Suite 101, Des Moines, IA 50309.

Post-abortive resources: Restored by Grace was birthed from hearts desiring to bring hope, healing and restoration to men, women and families as we journey with them from brokeness to wholeness by confronting the lies of guilt, shame and condemnation with God’s word and love.

The list above provides resources in Des Moines. You can find more help around the state. Visit Iowans for Life’s Resource Center for more unplanned pregnancy resources.

Are you in crisis? Helping hands await you with access to free, healthy options.

You’re not alone.


How abortion affects the rest of your life

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post abortive trauma

post abortive traumaThe culture says abortion leaves your mind and body unaffected. Scientists disagree. Post abortive trauma is common.

Are you experiencing an unplanned pregnancy? You need to know two critical pieces of information right now:

  1. You can get help. You’re not alone. You have healthy options beyond abortion.
  2. Abortion affects you forever. But even if you’d had one, there’s help. Keep reading.

Let’s deal with #2 first.

Post abortive trauma

Scientists have conducted comprehensive research on what abortion does to you in the long run. The info that follows is based on a huge sample of 163,831 women who have abortions. Here is their experience:

• Women who have had an abortion have an 81% higher risk of subsequent mental health problems compared to women who have not had an abortion.

• Women who aborted have a 138% higher risk of mental health problems compared to women who have given birth.

• Women who aborted have a 55% higher risk of mental health problems compared to women with an “unplanned” pregnancy who gave birth.

• Women with a history of abortion have higher rates of anxiety (34% higher), depression (37%), alcohol use/misuse (110%), marijuana use (230%), and suicidal behavior (155%), compared to those who have not had an abortion.

Have you had an abortion?

Were you forced to have one? Sixty-four percent of women who have had abortions were forced into it.

Are you feeling its effects in any way? Laura Limmex can help you. She is Executive Director of Restored by Grace Ministries. She has been in your shoes.

Here is her experience in counseling post-abortive women:

post abortive trauma

Laura Limmex, Executive Director, Restored by Grace Ministries

“Many women look back years later, after choosing an abortion, and realize the excuses they relied on clouded their decision making process. The excuses make no sense: 

They WOULD have had support.

They WOULD have financially made it.

They WOULD have been a great mom. They realize they bought into a lie about their situation and what it meant for their future.”

Laura is one of the people who bought into the lie:

“I share as a woman who has had an abortion and has counseled many others following their decision to have an abortion. What seems like a hopeless situation really has the potential to be one of great joy regardless if you parent or choose to bless through adoption. And I would encourage women to check into all the resources available through the various life affirming organizations in the state of Iowa.”

You can confidentially connect with Laura right now if you need someone to talk to about your abortion. Don’t wait. You’re putting yourself and future children at risk if you do.

Post-abortive trauma affects the way you raise your kids

According to researchers, women who have had abortions are 144% more likely to physically abuse their children than women who have not had abortions. If you’re concerned this applies to you, seek help. Healing awaits you.

Don’t believe it? Abby was in your shoes:

“Growing up in a Catholic family that attended Mass every Sunday, I never expected that I, of all people, would be in this situation. I convinced myself that I had committed an unforgivable act.

I felt utterly alone.

I desperately needed to connect with other women who were suffering as I was, and I longed to be the woman I used to be.

And then one fateful Sunday morning during Mass, my husband handed me a church bulletin, pointing out the words on the back: “Project Rachel — a program for post-abortion healing through the archdiocese.” I couldn’t believe my eyes…

…Thanks to Project Rachel, I am me again.

…Project Rachel literally lit the path for me. From the moment I arrived at the retreat house, the warmth of God’s love engulfed me. Furthermore, I was able to connect with other women who knew the despair that I knew, and we were able to experience the joy of receiving the gifts of hope and healing together. I actually feel lighter. The power of forgiveness is life altering. I am happy again, and the people whom I love sense that. I will always regret my decision, and I will continue to carry my quiet secret with me. It has become a part of who I am, but it no longer defines who I am.”

You can read her entire story here.

There IS help

As you can see, abortion does affect you forever, but there IS help for post abortive trauma.

There absolutely is help.

Here are resources that can and will make a difference in the lives of post-abortive women:

Restored By Grace Ministries

Project Rachel: Hope After Abortion

Rachel’s Vineyard

We’ve given you a lot to chew on today.

Check back tomorrow. We’ll talk about positive options other than abortion for women experiencing unplanned pregnancies.

Welcome to the STD epidemic

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STD epidemic

Prince Ernest was hopelessly in love with the lovely widow, Harriet. Harriet felt the same and threw herself into the German prince’s bed for what she assumed would be an evening of passion.

There was a problem: the prince had syphilis.

To his credit, he was able to gather himself and deter the inflamed, young woman from making a mistake that could haunt her the rest of her life. You can watch the melodrama unfold in this scene from the PBS hit series, “Victoria.”

Now syphilis is treatable

In an era before antibiotics, syphilis was devastating. Today, it can be treated with antibiotics, with this warning from the Center for Disease Control (CDC):

“However, treatment might not undo any damage that the infection has already done.”

Syphillis is widespread, with 88,000 reported cases in 2016. However, the CDC reveals the problem of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) goes far beyond syphillis, as the graphic below reveals. Our country is awash in a STD epidemic.

STD epidemic

Multiple sex partners fuel the STD epidemic

You are at risk if you are sexually active, and if either you or your partner have had multiple partners.

The consequence of contracting an STD can last your entire life, because some STDs cannot be cured. With each new partner, your odds of contracting an STD increase exponentially.

The CDC tells us that STDs infect 20 million NEW people every year. Worse, many people don’t know for a long time, because they aren’t tested. As a result, STDs infect 110 million Americans today.

The CDC says that you are most likely to be infected with one of the following STDs (in this order):





Genital Herpes




Even though syphilis is only sixth on this list, this timeless destroyer of lives still infects 117,000 Americans.

Women and men ask these common questions about STDs:

If I use a condom, will that prevent me from contracting an STD?

No, not necessarily. The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) says,

“The most effective way to avoid getting an STI is to not have sex. Another way is to limit sex to one partner who also limits his or her sex in the same way. Condoms are not 100% safe, but if used properly, will reduce the risk of getting a STI.”

Which STDs are incurable?

The United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) tells us:

“More than 30 different bacteria, viruses and parasites are known to be transmitted through sexual contact. Eight of these pathogens are linked to the greatest incidence of sexually transmitted disease. Of these 8 infections, 4 are currently curable: syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia and trichomoniasis. The other 4 are viral infections and are incurable: hepatitis B, herpes simplex virus (HSV or herpes), HIV, and human papillomavirus (HPV). Symptoms or disease due to the incurable viral infections can be reduced or modified through treatment.”

How often should I test for STDs?

That depends on whether are sexually active with multiple partners, in which case the CDC recommends at least once a year. In the case of gay and bisexual men, it should happen as often as every 3 months.

What are complications from STDs?

According to the Mayo Clinic:

  • Pelvic pain
  • Pregnancy complications
  • Eye inflammation
  • Arthritis
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease
  • Infertility
  • Heart disease
  • Certain cancers, such as HPV-associated cervical and rectal cancers

Can STDs kill me?

Yes, especially AIDs. Some are curable or treatable, but some impact your immune systems in ways that can shorten your lifespan.

Back to Prince Ernest. Ultimately, he was an honorable man who denied himself pleasure to protect the woman he loved.

The STD epidemic impacts our entire culture. Protect yourself. Protect your partner. Live a healthy life and avoid the anguish and remorse wrought by STDs.

[LEARN more. Get our Women’s Reproductive Health Resource Book online without obligation.]


The Iowa fetus is becoming an endangered species

Feb 15, 2018 | Comments Off on The Iowa fetus is becoming an endangered species
Iowa fetus

Iowa fetusThe Iowa Fetus is becoming endangered. The replacement birthrate in the Hawkeye State has been below replacement level since 2009.

The replacement birthrate in developed nations is 2.1 births per woman, but here in Iowa, the rate had dropped to 1.99 by 2016.

Our population growth is stagnant. Small towns are drying up, and what little growth we’ve experienced in recent decades has been through immigration.

The Heartbeat Bill will help

A bill before the Iowa legislature (SSB 3143) would ban human abortion once a heartbeat is detectable in an Iowan Fetus. As you can guess, support falls pretty much along party lines, with Republicans largely supporting the bill and Democrats vigorously opposing any legal protections for the Iowa Fetus.

The Iowa Code DOES protect some life

By contrast, sections 481A and B in the Iowa Administrative Code do sanction you for killing life in Iowa to the tune of $1000 per life. Here is a partial list of some life forms protected by law here in Iowa:

√ Indiana Bat

√ Plains Pocket Mouse

√ Spotted Skunk

√ Common Barn Owl

√ Piping Plover

√ Iowa Pleistocene Land Snail

Iowa law even protects an expansive list of plant life, such as the sumpweed.

Here’s the question …

Here’s the obvious question: isn’t a human being worth more than a skunk? Or a snail? Or a rodent?

The list of protected species above enjoys bi-partisan support. Why not the Iowa Fetus, which has become endangered in recent years?

The Iowa Fetus is in the early stages of the arc of its life, but it will become the people who build our roads, cure our sick, and take care of the elderly tomorrow.

These are the people who will not only feed Iowans, but the entire world.

We need them.

Opponents of the bill insist that the Heartbeat Bill infringes on a woman’s “right to privacy” as defined by Roe V Wade. And yet the Iowa Administrative  Code will fine you even if you kill a spotted skunk in your own backyard, privacy be damned.

Opponents of the Heartbeat Bill correctly observe that a woman’s body isn’t the same as your private property. And yet if someone kills the Iowa Fetus against the mother’s will, the state will treat the fetus as a person and the crime as a homicide.

How can the same fetus be considered a person in one breath and a disposable clump of cells inferior to a spotted skunk in the next?

The Heartbeat Bill recognizes the intrinsic dignity of human life. The bill was passed in a Senate sub-committee by an 8 to 5 vote this week. It will most likely be debated on the Senate floor next week.

If you think the Iowa Fetus deserves the same legal protection as a Spotted Skunk, contact your State Legislators immediately.