Common NFP Misconceptions

  • “This is just the rhythm method and everyone knows that doesn’t work.”
  • “Everyone who follows natural family planning has big families and we can’t afford that.”
  • “NFP is too hard to learn.”
  • “Catholics don’t really follow this anyway. It’s so outdated.”
  • “NFP doesn’t apply to me because I have a significant medical reason NOT to get pregnant.”
  • “We’ve already been sterilized.”
  • And on and on and on …

There are so many excuses and misconceptions about Natural Family Planning — a principal teaching of the Catholic Church. In all honesty, my husband and I shared many of these feelings. We didn’t understand the Church’s teaching and thought it was completely outdated. While we had used birth control, we pretty much followed the rest of the “rules” and were “good” people.

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