Iowa's Pro-Life Warriors Since 1972

Iowa's Pro-Life Warriors Since 1972

Advocating for the Dignity of Human Life from Fertilization to Natural Death

Iowa's Pro-Life Warriors Since 1972

About Iowans for LIFE

Founded in 1972, Iowans for LIFE is the longest standing, non-profit pro-life organization in Iowa.  We are dedicated to protecting human life by informing, educating, and inspiring society to value the sanctity of all human life from fertilization to natural death.

ALL Iowans have a fundamental right to life, from the moment of fertilization.

We advocate at the state capital, in classrooms, and at events across Iowa on the following issues...

Abortion  •  Stem-Cell Research/Human Cloning •  Contraception/Natural Family Planning •  Physician-assisted Suicide •  Euthanasia

Our office is in Des Moines Iowa. We serve the state of Iowa and beyond.

Des Moines Pro-Life Organization

Iowans for LIFE is proud to be a founding member of the Coalition of Pro-Life Leaders in the state. Our Executive Director, Maggie DeWitte serves as the spokesperson for the coalition. LEARN MORE --->

Iowa Pro-Life Organization Since 1972Our Mandate...

Our mandate is to defend the right to life from fertilization until natural death.

The battle against the throw away culture of death is being won. Slowly but surely hearts and minds are changing, and as a result, the pro-life movement is growing.

We are so encouraged by the number of young people flocking to the movement, but there is a lot of work that still needs to be done to protect the sanctity of all human life.

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Is abortion a good solution in the case of rape? Get one answer.

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Blog Posts

Bob Vander Plaats

The truth about the Protect Life Amendment

By iowansforlife | April 29, 2021

By Bob Vander Plaats Abortion advocates aren’t telling you the whole truth about the proposed Protect Life Amendment to the Iowa state Constitution. In their efforts to malign the Protect…

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Margaret Sanger’s fall from grace

Margaret Sanger’s fall from grace

By iowansforlife | April 21, 2021

  Margaret Sanger is a feminist icon and founder of Planned Parenthood. Upon accepting Planned Parenthood’s Margaret Sanger Award, Hillary Clinton waxed eloquent on Ms. Sanger: “Now, I have to…

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The Holy Family

Announcing The HOLY FAMILY Project

By iowansforlife | April 15, 2021

Dear Iowans for LIFE Supporter: Iowans for LIFE is going big. And we need your help now to make it happen. I’d like to introduce you to one of the…

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Protect Life Amendment language

The Protect Life Amendment has a language problem

By iowansforlife | April 13, 2021

The Iowa House and Senate both support the Protect Life Amendment. But they don’t agree on the language of the Amendment. Let’s compare: Iowa Senate’s Language Sec. 26. Protection of…

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Easter epiphany

Easter epiphany

By iowansforlife | April 8, 2021

By Tom Quiner Happy Easter! My name is Tom Quiner, president of Iowans for LIFE’s board. I had an Easter epiphany: Easter is very pro-life. After all, what is the…

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Maggie DeWitte at the Capital

The Protect Life Amendment passes Iowa Senate!

By iowansforlife | April 6, 2021

Dear Fellow Pro-Lifer: The Senate just passed the Protect Life Amendment by a 30 to 17 vote! Way to go, pro-life legislators! The Iowa House already passed a similar Amendment,…

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The Lesson of Easter

By iowansforlife | April 3, 2021

By TOM QUINER I am savoring this glorious Easter season. My feelings toward Christ are simple: “Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you.” The Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen brilliantly states the lesson of Easter…

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Good Friday

Psalm 31: Good Friday’s prayer for broken souls at a crisis point

By iowansforlife | April 2, 2021

By TOM QUINER Have you ever wondered what your last words will be? Leonardo da Vinci’s focused on what he didn’t get done: “I have offended God and mankind because…

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Holy Thursday

Psalm 116: Holy Thursday’s prayer for God’s servants

By iowansforlife | April 1, 2021

By TOM QUINER How can you make a return to the Lord? Is there anyway you can actually ‘payback’ the Lord for all the good he has done for you?…

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Will Pelosi steal a pro-life House seat elected by Iowa voters?

By iowansforlife | March 25, 2021

Marianette Miller-Meeks apparently won a squeaker of an election to the House of Representatives in Iowa’s 2nd district last November. The vote was close and recounted, with the pro-life Miller-Meeks…

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What would you say?

What would you say?

By iowansforlife | March 22, 2021

It starts young. Our pro-life kids start getting hammered on the abortion issue at younger and younger ages. By the time they get to college, Big Abortion has created a…

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Equal Rights Amendment

The pro-abortion Equal Rights Amendment moves closer to reality

By iowansforlife | March 17, 2021

The House of Representatives changed the rules on ratifying the pro-abortion Equal Rights Amendment along a largely part line vote. If it passes the Senate, President Biden promises to sign…

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