Advocating For The Dignity of Human Life From Fertilization To Natural Death
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The New Wave Movement of the 21st Century

Free Pro-Life symposium on the afternoon of the banquet.

October 24th, 2018, 2pm - 4:30pm

You are part of a movement the likes of which America hasn’t seen since the slaves were freed. We call it the New Wave Movement of the 21st Century. It is defined by a relentless, heroic pursuit of human liberty.

Think about it: the Emancipation Proclamation that at last extended God-given rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness to slaves was the defining moment of human liberty in the 19th century.

In the 20th century, the defining human liberty moment was the ratification of the 19th Amendment in 1919 which gave women the right to vote.

And in the 21st century, a furious battle is being waged to extend human liberty to our pre-born brothers and sisters. The New Wave is pro life. Its members are young, energized, and optimistic in marked contrast to the pro abortion Old Wavers who are old, tired, and embittered.

The New Wave movement is animated by a confluence of scientific and theological thinking which appeals to the young and the young at heart.

Is there hope for the future? Heck yes … the New Wave can’t be stopped!


David Cordaro
David Cordaro
Social Justice for the Pro-Life Generation

David Cordaro is the Upper Midwest Regional Coordinator with Students for Life of America. He graduated Cum Laude in 2007 and with Honors from Iowa State University with a Bachelor of Architecture degree. During his studies, he served as President of ISU Students for Life, implementing the Pregnant on Campus Initiative. In 2016, he was accepted into the William Wilberforce Fellowship with SFLA, where he found my calling to work in the pro-life movement.

Starting in 2013, David served as a member of the Iowa Right to Life Speakers Bureau, and spoke on numerous occasions defending the dignity of human life.  In 2014, he was featured in ‘Catholic Digest’ magazine as an Extraordinary Young Adult for my work and commitment to the pro-life case.

In 2017, David was hired onto the SFLA team and currently serves the over 70 student groups in IA and IL and is the Director of the William Wilberforce Collegiate Fellowship Program, a highly-prestigious fellowship for dedicated pro-life students. His passion is breaking down stereotypes of pro-lifers, and finding commonalities among all people.

David currently resides in Chicago, IL and can be reached at

Laura Limmex
Laura Limmex
Social Justice for Abortion Survivors

Laura Limmex shares with authority and the insight garnered from experience when she talks to men and women about freedom from the pain and shame of an abortion.  Through dealing with the guilt and grief of her own journey, Laura discovered keys not only to her own freedom, but keys that have helped numerous others find freedom as well.  With compassion, keen insight and anointing, she skillfully takes people through the journey to their own freedom.

Laura has travel throughout Latin America speaking.  She has published a book in Spanish "Stepping Into Healing Waters" to help bring hope and healing to the abortion wounded.

She and her husband John are the proud parents of three; Levi, Adeline and Rachel.  She is also the founder of Restored by Grace Ministries.

The mission of Restored by Grace Ministries is to bring hope, healing and restoration to post-abortive men, women, and families through a journey from brokenness to wholeness by confronting the lies of guilt, shame, condemnation,  and other bandages with God's word and love. You can find more at


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