Be prepared to annihilate an anti-Life straw man argument

anti-Life straw man argument

Did you hear Iowans for LIFE’s director, Maggie DeWitte, on Iowa Public Radio yesterday? She beautifully defended the case for Life, while knocking down one anti-Life straw man argument after the other presented by the human abortion apologists on the show. A ‘straw man’ is an: “intentionally misrepresented proposition that is set up because it…

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Hijack #SheDecides right now!


Join the pro life cyber warfare movement! Cyber warfare is being waged on Twitter today, Friday, March 1st. Iowans for Life needs you to do something about it right now. Abortion groups are flooding Twitter with the hashtag: #SheDecides. The campaign responds to President Trump’s executive order which reinstated the “Mexico City Policy.” The Mexico…

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