One Child Nation

Excessive mankind is a ‘weed’ that requires state-run population control. Draconian measures that trample on human dignity and decency in the name of this ‘greater good’ are not just welcome, they are mandated.

This is the message of a new documentary, “One Child Nation.” The film is a must-see for Americans being seduced by politicians selling a similar product, repackaged under the banner of ‘women’s reproductive healthcare.’

The impact of population control

“One Child Nation” describes the impact of China’s one child policy implemented on their citizens from 1979 to 2015, as reviewed by the Wall Street Journal’s Joe Morgenstern. It imposed forced sterilizations and abortions on their women. Similar policies have been proposed by the American Left off and on over the past century.

One midwife shudders at her state-coerced culpability in the carnage. She aborted or sterilized over 50,000 women, with many of the fetuses nearly full term:

“Many I induced alive, and killed. My hands trembled while I did it. I was the executioner. The state gave the order but I carried it out. I killed those babies.”

Another midwife is proud of her abortion work:

“If I could go back in time, I would do this work again,” rationalizing that without state-coerced abortion, cannibalism was inevitable.

A timely film

“One Child Nation” is immediately relevant in light of a stampede of leftist presidential candidates campaigning on a platform of ‘Medicare for All.’

What most Americans don’t realize is that ‘Medicare for All’ calls for taxpayer-funded abortions for all, through all nine months of a pregnancy. It supersedes all abortion regulations democratically legislated at the state level. And it removes all conscience protections.

In other words, the state would coerce Catholic doctors, nurses, and hospitals to participate in grave evil, just as China did to their doctors, nurses, and hospitals.

In China, you had no choice, but in the U.S., you could give up your livelihood, shutter the doors, get out of the business, and go on welfare. At least for now.

As history as shown, leftists are demanding. It is only a matter of time until they resort to more aggressive tactics to compel women and men of faith to violate their consciences.

[Rotten Tomatoes gives “One Child Nation” a 97% rating, about as good as it gets. It is not available for screening in Des Moines at this time. Check back with this blog for updates on when it is available to stream.]

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